Sunday, January 10, 2010

NEW owner Bobby Blair MAY have PROBLEMS

Robert Bobby Blair owner of Arenal Bungalows has a few problems and ONE of them is ME, but I'll get to that in a minute. Robert Bobby Blair is a real estate 'flipper' and he will TEACH you his SECRETS on how to 'flip' property to make money in his Seminars. Nothing wrong with 'flipping'- made some money doing it myself, NOT sure you need Bobby Blair's SECRETS in order to do it, but whatever. So I'm assuming, with strong evidence of course, Bobby Blair is attempting to 'flip' his newly acquired purchase of the Palo Verde Resort, which he smartly and quickly re-named, Arenal Bungalows. *I know he's at least attempting to 'flip' Arenal Bungalows because he has already advertised the property on Craigslist.

*If you're just joining us, I am (or was) a 10% owner of Palo Verde Resort in La Fortuna Costa Rica. Eugene Conti (60% owner of Palo Verde) and Larry Bernstein (30%) have SOLD Palo Verde Resort to this NEW guy Bobby Blair without me knowing it, nor have a received a DIME, nor have I signed ANYTHING in regards to the SALE of Palo Verde (still not sure how they did this without my signature), Got it?

So, Bobby Blair buys Palo Verde Resort, but in order to flip it, he would (and has) had to CLEAN up the place. Eugene Conti basically let Palo Verde 'go' in the last few years and it became fairly run down and needed a LOT of work. Bobby knows paint can go a LONG way.

Here's a couple of Robert 'Bobby' Blair's problems. First, anyone with half a brain who was even considering laying down about a million bucks would want to SEE the BOOKS. Palo Verde Resort has been 'operating' for the last 5-6 years but was it a money maker? According to conversations with Gene Conti, Palo Verde has NEVER made any money by the tourist dollar... and guess what, if it HAS, I have NEVER, EVER seen my 10% of the PROFITS. Let's do the math, I've NEVER seen 10%, wouldn't that mean there ISN'T any PROFITS, because the only other plausible answer would be that Gene Conti WAS making money but NOT paying me.... and Gene just wouldn't do that, would he? And Palo Verde was 'run down', it's not like money was pouring into the up-KEEP of the place... just sayin.

I alluded in the last post that I've been somewhat of a 'dumbass' in this MESS... and it's TRUE, I have. I've always been one to believe Karma could be more of a BITCH than I could ever be, BUT, now my name is, 'Karma'-'Hurricane Karma' to be precise.

I will have a lawyer within 2 weeks... Bobby Blair, I think, will WISH he would have SOLD the place before I throw my hat into the RING.

Oh, if I'm WRONG and he's not 'flipping' merely 'fishing' to see if he could possibly SELL the place.... doesn't really change a THING does it?

SOON: My letter to Bobby Blair.

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    I will tell you my problems in Costa Rica..!
    But Wow 6,384.00US$ is nothing.
    To you yes I am sure because you trusted these
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    Had a watch that was secretly taken from a secured area worth that much.
    Well the first big rip was a painting that I to this day did alot of home work. Still they conned me. this painting I paid 20,000$usd.
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    Yes as I look back this made me sick to my stomach and to this day I have a hard time believing this happened to me.
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    George Sheriff
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