Friday, August 27, 2010

Palo Verde Resort STILL on the Market

Thinking of buying Palo Verde Resort in La Fortuna Costa Rica?

Apparently Eugene Gene Conti has not SOLD Palo Verde Resort aka Arenal Bungalows in La Fortuna Costa Rica. I had heard scuttlebutt an Italian guy had purchased it but that doesn't appear to be TRUE, or at least the SALE was never completed, not sure.

The good NEWS is, if Gene Conti hasn't SOLD Palo Verde Resort yet, your chances of getting a great DEAL are INCREASED big time for reasons I've mentioned in previous posts. Unfortunately for Gene Conti in regards to Palo Verde Resort, there are already really good deals on LAND and HOTELS in the La Fortuna, Arenal area and Palo Verde Resort is just ONE of many, so make sure you do your homework. You might want to start by reading this blog in the reVERSE as I think it paints an accurate picture of what happened to me although I do understand MOST of you don't know me from Adam and have no reason to believe me. Hell, don't believe it or not believe it, just take it for more INFO so you can make a more well informed decision.

Homework Tip #1: Get a lawyer who has NO connection to the 'seller' and let them RESEARCH the answers to the questions you may have about legalities and what not.

Better yet, email me at if you have any questions, I may not have all the answers, but I sure and hell can provide some perspective.

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