Monday, February 1, 2010

Bobby Blair packing it up and LEAVING?

Florida Real Estate 'flipper', Robert Bobby Blair and the folks at Arenal Bungalows have packed it up and are heading back to Florida.... oh really?

I'm hearing this SECOND hand so I don't really know anything for SURE, but this is what I heard today: Bobby Blair who took over Palo Verde Resort a few months ago, (lease option to buy) spruced the place up a bit, re-named it Arenal Bungalows in hopes of 'flipping' it for some CASH, but has NOW decided to put a fork in the whole deal, call it a day, cut his losses and get the HELL out of La Fortuna.

The way I heard it, Bobby Blair wasn't 'happy' with Gene Conti (wow, never heard that before) because some of the things Gene had initially 'promised' Bobby to make the Palo Verde/Arenal Bungalows deal happen in the first place weren't panning out the way Gene had initially said. *I will say it again, I DO NOT know this to be TRUE or UNTRUE, I merely heard this.... and in all fairness, it could be gossip, or maybe a little true but not completely true. Although I gotta say, the person who told me would be privy to a 'certain core' of information.

I just thought it was FUNNY, because if it is TRUE, Bobby Blair should be feeling about NOW how I've felt about Eugene Conti for a long time: a slick politician who will say just about anything to get what he wants... but in all actuality, can't back-up SHIT... and then denies ever saying it in the first place.

Wouldn't it be GREAT if deception was much MORE obvious?

So until I know more, I'll shut-up, because really, I don't know what's TRUE and what's NOT but I'm betting it's CLOSE.

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