Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gene Conti has RIPPED OFF Others so it seems

Eugene Gene Conti, principle owner of Palo Verde Resort in La Fortuna Costa Rica, has DICKED other folks in business dealings besides me if my emails are any indication.

I'm not saying Gene Conti dicked anyone over per se, I just know MY experience with him, BUT what I am saying, is since I've started this blog I've had quite a few folks come out of the woodwork and tell me their 'Gene Conti' story. And actually, as I write this, one guy is putting his 'Gene Conti' story together in order to SHARE on this blog. We'll see if he comes through,,, and again, not saying anything is TRUE or UNTRUE, but I can tell you, the emails do seem to share a common theme- A slick politician masked as a friend calling himself, Gene Conti, telling you want you want to hear in order to either get what he wants or separate you from your money. When confronted, Gene Conti plays the, "Whatever are you talking about?" card.

Common theme indeed.

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