Monday, July 4, 2011

So, you think you want to BUY Palo Verde Resort?

Is Gene Conti using deceptive advertising to sell Palo Verde Resort in La Fortuna Costa Rica? You be the judge.

Gene Conti, Gene Conti, Gene Conti... what are you thinking?
So, I'm cruising around the internet to find out information on Palo Verde Resort, which I happen to be part owner of but if you're a reader of this blog, you know Gene Conti keeps me out of the loop, so I have to find out what's going on myself. I find a website dedicated for the sole purpose of selling Palo Verde Resort: Palo Verde Resort For Sale or Lease Purchase 10 Room Turn-Key Costa Rica Hotel. This advertisement is deceptive to say the least.

Go to the link if you haven't already.

See the picture on the left with the 2 bungalows and the Arenal Volcano in the background- totally PHOTO-shopped. Really, the only thing in back of those bungalows is sky. If you click on 'rooms', you will see the exact ame picture (Bungalows 5 & 6) minus the volcano...hmmmmmm. This photo is used as their primary shot to sell Palo Verde. Maybe you don't care Gene Conti used a little creativity in his ad....let me point out a few more things for your consideration.

*The pic on the right says, 'Incredible Volcano and Lava Views'. Lava is rarely visible from Palo Verde. It's true, a few years back there was a time when spewing lava was visible but hang out there for a few nights NOW and let me know how much 'lava' you see.

*Also on that same pic it says, $10,000+/monthly income potential. I won't say shit about this, just ask Gene Conti for the records and see how much he made during the last 7 years of owning and operating Palo Verde. I'm part owner, I haven't seen a DIME... and if I haven't seen a dime, then it only follows that Gene Conti also lost his ass... I guess Gene wasn't good with 'potential'.

*Same pic- 'Appraised for 1.7 million dollars in 08' Are you fuckin kidding me. That has absolutely NO relevance, NONE. Personally, I believe it's an inflated figure to begin with, someone would have had to be out of their mind to pay that much even back in '08. But I'll say I'm wrong and it was worth that 3 years ago... Today, offer Gene about $400,000 today and I'll bet he takes it. 'Sale Price Negotiable' is a vast understatement. Bottom line- the fact he posts the appraisal on the site is meaningless.

Now click on the 'About Us'.

Here it mentions a 'Huge Pool'. Guys, this is the worst excuse for a pool I've ever seen. Shouldn't you be able to 'swim' in a pool? It's a BIG kids wading pool, that's it. When Gene first put in the 'pool' it was suppose to be hot water,,more jacuzzi style chillin' than swimming if you know what I mean. Hot Springs are very popular in the area Gene was hoping to capitalize. I don't know if he ran out of money or what, but the hot water never happened. This pool is exactly like the 'appraisal', worthless. Think I'm exaggerating... go look at it, but don't dive in or you'll break your neck... I might be a little off, I think the entire pool is like 4ft deep... That said, it does look good lit up at night.... so ENJOY, just remember, NO DIVING or SWIMMING!

*The ad mentions a 'Large Activity Party Center'... there was, but it was taken down. Maybe that's another 'potential' thing.

*I've always loved Palo Verde's setting, but to say, or allude to the fact that it's a 'Lush Rain Forest Setting' is simply not true. It's bordered by a small tree/foliage lined stream on one side and a road on the other. Their may be the illusion of a rain forest, but it's merely that, an illusion.

GO CHECK this stuff out for yourself if you're interested in Palo Verde. Ask Gene the questions and then watch him SQUIRM.

On a personal note: Hey Gene Conti, do you think of me when you GOOGLE yourself at night? I bet you do. Where's my $6300.00?

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