Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How you sleepin' Gene Conti?

Does Eugene Gene Conti, primary owner of Palo Verde Resort in La Fortuna, Costa Rica sleep at night?

I'm betting he does but I didn't always believe that.

Eugene Gene Conti, principle owner of Palo Verde Resort in La Fortuna Costa Rica owes me money as well as a few answers. Gene Conti knows this. So, tell me, how does he sleep at night? Really, I want to know... and drugs don't count.

Like I mentioned, I used to naively believe that 'bad' people had a hard time sleeping for the simple reason that when they're lying on their pillow at night and its R-E-A-L quiet and the brain is working overtime reflecting on one's 'life', you know deep-down in your soul who you really are as a person no matter how hard you try to pretend otherwise. This is the time when it's extremely difficult to lie to yourself.

But if Gene Conti takes sleeping pills or Valium (not saying he does or doesn't, just sayin) this self-reflection time wouldn't happen for obvious reasons. Which is likely the reason most people take pills in the first place, to escape themselves for a time. But I understand, sometimes honesty is too hard to take, especially when it pertains to the REAL YOU. But I digress.

I still partially believe the above but now I have a better understanding that anyone can rationalize their own behavior no matter how fucked up it is. Whether it's beating the cat, cheating on a spouse, lying, stealing, ANYTHING no matter how bad, can be rationalized in order to give the responsibility for your actions to someone else. "If only the cat wouldn't pee on the bed",,, "If my wife wouldn't nag so much",,, "It will only hurt her if I tell her the truth",,,"He's got lots of money, he won't miss this $20.", doesn't matter, even Hitler thought he was doing the right thing.

I'm sure if you asked this fuck, he would be able to rationalize this animal cruelty:

The guy in this VIDEO is NOT Gene Conti of Palo Verde Resort in La Fortuna Costa Rica.

I think it would go something like this:

"Gene Conti, why have you not paid Mike Skofield the money you owe him?"

"Mike Skofield started a blog about me and it's hindered the potential SALE of Palo Verde Resort, so really, Mike Skofield owes me."

This is merely an example, I'm sure if you asked Gene Conti he would have a list of reasons why he hasn't made good on his promises and contracts, all of which would be BULLSHIT, but in his mind, legitimate rationales for treating me the way he has while still feeling good about his own deceit.

btw-in the above example, Gene Conti had already made it blatantly obvious that he was keeping me out of the 'Palo Verde Resort is FOR SALE' loop. I felt this blog was my only recourse in order to get my story out. And even if no one reads it, it still makes me feel better putting it down on paper.

I've also learned in the world of real estate in Costa Rica that many people like Gene Conti and Larry Bernstein (Larry Bernstein is the other share holder of Palo Verde Resort in La Fortuna) can justify their actions because to them, it's NOT deceit or deception, it's BUSINESS- rendering it a game you either WIN or LOSE. But not just a game, more like a WAR game, where there are no rules, thus justifying the 'anything goes' mentality and ZERO moral accountability because it's not personal, it's business. In Gene Conti's case, he used our supposed friendship to mask the fact he merely wanted my money, so in his mind he just played a better game to get what he wanted. And in hindsight, obviously he did since I never knew we were playing a game in the first place. He also knows I can't afford a lawyer at this time, so why on EARTH would he just do the right thing... to him, that would be a stupid business move. CHECKMATE.

Gene Conti sleeps fine. But I'd be willing to bet my 10% of Palo Verde Resort that he has help doing it because otherwise,the honesty of who he truly is as a human being would be too much to handle.

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Palo Verde Resort - EXPLAIN Yourself - PLEASE

Palo Verde Resort in La Fortuna Costa Rica owes me $6,394.00.

This is an open letter to Palo Verde Resorts principle owners, Eugene 'Gene' Conti and Larry Bernstein.

I used my own money $3,394.00, (I have the receipts) for repairs, maintenance, new curtains and what not for the betterment of the resort + the $3,000.00 Palo Verde Resort owes to D'Angelo Valentin for services rendered, which if you remember, was agreed on by ALL partners. I was (am) part owner and was happy to help out as I expected GREAT things from my investment. At the time, I cared about Palo Verde Resort. Now, I no longer do, but that's beside the point.

My question is, since Palo Verde Resort, aka Eugene Gene Conti and Larry Bernstein, reneged on its initial promise to pay me in FULL when Palo Verde sold some land it had (when was that, like 2 years ago), when will I see my money?

I would be interested to hear your rationalization of why you haven't or don't think you have to pay me. Feel free to respond in the comment section of this post I will gladly print your response unedited.

I know you read this blog. Don't forget, 'SILENCE is acceptance'.

And to the potential buyer of Palo Verde Resort, make your first check out to: Mike Skofield for $6,394.00 it would be SO appreciated.

Oh SH**, almost forgot, same question to Craig Nico Pisani, except add approximately $13,000.00

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Palo Verde Resort STILL on the Market

Thinking of buying Palo Verde Resort in La Fortuna Costa Rica?

Apparently Eugene Gene Conti has not SOLD Palo Verde Resort aka Arenal Bungalows in La Fortuna Costa Rica. I had heard scuttlebutt an Italian guy had purchased it but that doesn't appear to be TRUE, or at least the SALE was never completed, not sure.

The good NEWS is, if Gene Conti hasn't SOLD Palo Verde Resort yet, your chances of getting a great DEAL are INCREASED big time for reasons I've mentioned in previous posts. Unfortunately for Gene Conti in regards to Palo Verde Resort, there are already really good deals on LAND and HOTELS in the La Fortuna, Arenal area and Palo Verde Resort is just ONE of many, so make sure you do your homework. You might want to start by reading this blog in the reVERSE as I think it paints an accurate picture of what happened to me although I do understand MOST of you don't know me from Adam and have no reason to believe me. Hell, don't believe it or not believe it, just take it for more INFO so you can make a more well informed decision.

Homework Tip #1: Get a lawyer who has NO connection to the 'seller' and let them RESEARCH the answers to the questions you may have about legalities and what not.

Better yet, email me at if you have any questions, I may not have all the answers, but I sure and hell can provide some perspective.

Old METAL song I just recently revisited:

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gene Conti still keeping me in the DARK

Eugene 'Gene' Conti the primary owner of Palo Verde Resort in La Fortuna Costa Rica is still keeping me in the DARK as to what's going on with the resort.

***Sold? Not Sold? In the works? What? still NOTHING.***

The scuttlebutt is that Gene Conti SOLD Palo Verde Resort to an Italian guy. This may or may not be true, hard to say. As a 10% owner of Palo Verde Resort in La Fortuna, you would have thought I'd have to sign a few papers if the place switched hands, but again, hard to say. I'm not sure if I'm even 'on' the paperwork anymore. And I haven't seen the other principle owner of Palo Verde around La Fortuna either, Larry Bernstein. This is a small town, seems like I would have seen him or at least heard he was in town.... NOTHING. Still not sure of Larry's and Gene's relationship, also hard to say. Gene Conti usually doesn't have anything to do with others unless it's in his BEST interest... and once it's not, the relationship is severed. It's possible Larry feels the same way about Gene Conti as I do and wants nothing to do with him...... have I said, "hard to say" yet?

I've obviously not been successful in my bid to procure a lawyer or I would know the answers. And If I had some money, I'd have a lawyer..... blah, blah, blah.

I continue to do what I do, work on our websites, make our videos and LOOK forward. I try not to dwell on the negativity of Gene Conti, Larry Bernstein, Palo Verde Resort and even our old 'friend', Nico Pisani. But let's face it, I bought into 10% of Palo Verde and if it's been SOLD I should be collecting some money, not to mention the $6,000+ owed to me by Gene Conti and Palo Verde Resort. And not to doubly mention Nico Pisani who also owes me $20,000+ as well, which is an entirely different issue. *That story is quite interesting.... you're not going to want to miss it.... it's coming, don't worry. In that saga, I was a different kind of STUPID.

For the RECORD, although I don't dwell on Gene Conti and Palo Verde, it needs to be made right eventually, and when I'm able to, I'll be taking someone to COURT if Palo Verde Resort has indeed SOLD..... without me seeing my 10%

*To any OWNER or POTENTIAL owner of the now defuncted Palo Verde Resort: Before you get in bed with Gene Conti, you might want to ask him about me, Michael Alan Skofield.

There you have it- consider yourself UPDATED.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Palo Verde Resort CLOSED for Good?

It appears Eugene Gene Conti principle owner of Palo Verde Resort in La Fortuna has decided to CLOSE the doors on the resort for GOOD- I think anyway.

The question is, what is he going to do with Palo Verde now that the Arenal Bungalow deal with Robert Bobby Blair has apparently fell through? I haven't heard ANYTHING- zilch, NADA... the only thing I heard was a few weeks ago a friend of mine said Palo Verde Resort was on the local news in a story about some area businesses that were forced to shut down because of not paying taxes. Although I wouldn't doubt it, I don't know whether my friend is mistaken, misheard the story or what, so I don't know if it's true or not. But really, it doesn't matter. Palo Verde is CLOSED and it's hard to say what Gene Conti is going to do next. * I do know one thing- when he needs money, which is frequently, he is known to make some really SWEET deals for the buyer.... just sayin.

I also never heard anything from Bobby Blair either, I would have thought he would have said something to me like, "Could you please STOP writing about me, I have nothing to do with Gene Conti, Palo Verde, Arenal Bungalows or La Fortuna for that matter."

NOW, I'm so far out of the LOOP, I'm not even sure there is a LOOP, which is the reason I haven't posted anything in a month or so as I don't have the foggiest idea what is true or not true, what is going on with Gene, Larry, Bobby, Nico Pisani or what is NOT going on.

As for me, I just want my $6,394.00 as promised, you know, a little good-faith money.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Bobby Blair packing it up and LEAVING?

Florida Real Estate 'flipper', Robert Bobby Blair and the folks at Arenal Bungalows have packed it up and are heading back to Florida.... oh really?

I'm hearing this SECOND hand so I don't really know anything for SURE, but this is what I heard today: Bobby Blair who took over Palo Verde Resort a few months ago, (lease option to buy) spruced the place up a bit, re-named it Arenal Bungalows in hopes of 'flipping' it for some CASH, but has NOW decided to put a fork in the whole deal, call it a day, cut his losses and get the HELL out of La Fortuna.

The way I heard it, Bobby Blair wasn't 'happy' with Gene Conti (wow, never heard that before) because some of the things Gene had initially 'promised' Bobby to make the Palo Verde/Arenal Bungalows deal happen in the first place weren't panning out the way Gene had initially said. *I will say it again, I DO NOT know this to be TRUE or UNTRUE, I merely heard this.... and in all fairness, it could be gossip, or maybe a little true but not completely true. Although I gotta say, the person who told me would be privy to a 'certain core' of information.

I just thought it was FUNNY, because if it is TRUE, Bobby Blair should be feeling about NOW how I've felt about Eugene Conti for a long time: a slick politician who will say just about anything to get what he wants... but in all actuality, can't back-up SHIT... and then denies ever saying it in the first place.

Wouldn't it be GREAT if deception was much MORE obvious?

So until I know more, I'll shut-up, because really, I don't know what's TRUE and what's NOT but I'm betting it's CLOSE.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Questions to HELP me Understand the Situation

Eugene Gene Conti owner of Palo Verde Resort PLEASE answer a few questions... pretty PLEASE.

I heard it through the grapevine Eugene 'Gene' Conti is amused by this blog. Cool. Now, if Gene Conti would be so kind as to return the favor and amuse me for a bit, I'd appreciate it. I just have a few questions. Some, I think I know the answers too, some I don't, and pardon the STUPID ones, when you're out of the LOOP, sometimes things just don't make sense, so I may need HELP connecting the dots and filling in the blanks.

Here goes, in no particular order:

1) With the exception of selling 'land' which Palo Verde owned in back of the resort, have you EVER made money from ACTUALLY managing Palo Verde Resort, you know, from the tourist dollar? Has Larry Bernstein? If not, why?

2) Palo Verde Resort has been in existence for 6 or so years, how long did it take before you realized Palo Verde was a losing proposition.... on paper anyway?

3) You wrote me an email back in March of '08 which stated Palo Verde owed you over $100,000.00 (this was when you were working on the bank loan to infuse Palo Verde with CASH ) and if I'm not mistaken, Palo Verde owes Larry Bernstein a considerable sum as well (or did anyway), I'm sorry, why did you continue to sink "YOUR OWN" as well as other peoples money into a bottomless pit with seemingly no apparent benefit or positive outcome for anyone? *wink* AND then procure a bank loan to do MORE of the same when the writing had been on the WALL for such a long time?

4) You obviously got the loan because your last email to me (2 weeks ago) said you "hadn't paid the bank since May of '09", what happened, if you got a loan in March/April/or May of '08 how in the HELL did you GO through so much money (not sure how much).... perhaps didn't budget correctly? Damn Gene are you really that BAD with money or are their a few things I don't know? Why did so many people say that Palo Verde rooms 'were' run down (even on TripAdvisor) and overall maintenance was lacking if said bank loan was for upgrades, maintenance, repairs and marketing and only a year has passed, why did Bobby Blair have to come in and 'remodel'?

5) Was the loan actually to pay you OFF because you were using your own money for the above reasons... just asking?

6) When you built the big ass pool, did you realize you wouldn't actually be able to swim in it?

7) Did you and Larry tell me you would pay monies owed me ($6,394.00) when land was SOLD which Palo Verde owned?

8) Did you or did you not SELL said land? What happened to my money?

9) How could Palo Verde Resort's foreclosure be imminent if Bobby Blair came to the rescue, I'm assuming he put up a deposit? He wouldn't actually take over a property that owes the bank and could be foreclosed on would he? Wouldn't the deposit be used to pay off the bank? Does Palo Verde Resort still owe you $100,000.00... or more? I think I deserve (as part owner) to know the terms of the DEAL between YOU and Bobby Blair of Arenal Bungalows.

10) How much will you and/or Larry receive off the top if Bobby Blair is successful in his bid to FLIP Arenal Bungalows aka Palo Verde Resort before we actually split the money between the Palo Verde partners? and what about the 'bank not being paid' since May of '09, if in fact it hasn't been paid?

So let me get this straight, Palo Verde Resort has NOT made money for 6 years, and over those years you USE your own money, and that of investors such as Larry and myself merely to keep Palo Verde AFLOAT? Then you get a bank loan because Palo Verde needs a transfusion yet again and in the mean time you build a house of your own (I here it's nice), take various trips around the United States with various 'boyfriends' over the years, stay at luxury suites such as the Bellagio in Vegas AND your general manager drives around in a really NICE vehicle that he could NEVER afford on his own...... HEY, it true..... just sayin, and now you tell me "foreclosure is imminent" and of course, Palo Verde owes YOU money? Please, I'm beggin, tell me where I'm wrong, help me connect the dots in logical fashion... if I'm wrong, please, EDUCATE ME.. fill in the blanks. I'll apologize on this blog for any speculation or opinions I may have wrong.

It almost sounds like you may have inter-mingled Palo Verde money with Gene Conti money, "No, that can't be true, can it?

Oh, and the most AMUSING question of all, so I saved it for last, "Does Arenal Bungalows use the same 'filing' system Palo Verde utilized when customers PAY for their STAY?" Cause REALLY,,, it makes everything seem so INACCURATE, don't you think? Did I write that out LOUD?

Feel FREE to answer and set me straight- I won't EDIT a thing.

Here's Pt 2 of 'Moving to Costa Rica- My STORY':

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Owners Gene and Bobby FEELING the HEAT?

The folks at Robert 'Bobby' Blair Real Estate and Arenal Bungalows in La Fortuna must be feeling the HEAT about now.

Bobby Blair, Eugene 'Gene' Conti and Nico Pisani have a few decisions to make in regards on how to deal with me but if Eugene Conti's second email to me is any indication as to their plan of DEFENSE, well lets just say this isn't going to be resolved anytime soon.

I would imagine collectively, they're pissed at me, but I'll bet a million bucks there's been some 'in fighting' as to how to proceed against me.... well, I'd like to think so anyway. Before I get to Mr. Conti's second email, I would speculate that the following are pretty much their only options:

* Ignore me and HOPE for the BEST.

* Take me to court for 'whatever'

* Deal with me in business like fashion.

* Do something underhanded, sneaky, and/or illegal.... it's an option... just sayin.

* Proceed as they've BEEN, telling me 'just enough' in hopes of shutting me up.

If there's others, I can't think of any. Luckily, before I started, 'Arenal Bungalows- MY STORY' I carefully considered ALL possible angles and outcomes (well, most anyway) and I realized one thing- It's ALL good, I'm comfortable with whatever. I've actually become quite INVIGORATED over this entire ordeal and I can tell you, it's not about WINNING, because honesty, I don't think I will, it's merely the satisfaction of knowing I stood up for yourself ... finally, after years of them thinking I believed their SHIT... but I digress.

So Eugene Conti sends me another email after the very short, cryptic first email which said: "Tortious Interference with Contract or Business Expectancy" *that's a link to the actual post as well, if you're interested.

I won't cut and paste the second email,,but it wasn't much longer, here's the gist:

1. He told me, "foreclosure is imminent".

2. He said that Larry Bernstein (30% owner of Palo Verde Resort) won't HELP monetarily because of what I've written, actually it was more like this, "...which I attribute to your slanderous campaign against your own interests."

3. A contract has been signed to purchase 'the hotel' in 1 year, with a lease/option. The sale would depend on finding a potential buyer.

He then told me if I continued on this track, their would be 'no money' to SPLIT and then closed by asking me how anyone could ever, "do such things against their own interest?"

If this email was meant to either appease me, scare me or.... HELL, I don't know what it was meant to do. But I do know this:

Eugene Conti has ignored me for a long, LONG time and if this was suppose to bring me up to SNUFF... it's not only LAUGHABLE on so many levels... but OFFENSIVE to say the least.

Gene must have told the 'others' he'd take 'care of this', as he does consider himself somewhat of a problem solver of sorts (actually he's more like a politician trying to get re-elected), but if this is how they've decided to DEAL with me... all I can say is, "WOW!"

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Eugene Conti & Larry Bernstein Birds of a Feather?

Larry Bernstein of Florida is a 30% owner of Palo Verde Resort. I'm not sure how involved he is with the SALE of Palo Verde and the dealings with Robert 'Bobby' Blair and Arenal Bungalows or if he's letting Gene call all the shots, but I would assume Larry's protecting his interest, he's a business man and apparently a successful one.

Honestly, I can't really be upset with Larry since we DIDN'T and DON'T really care for each other either, so I'm sure he doesn't give a rats ass if I'm in the 'LOOP' or not (although you'd think he'd CARE a little about me NOW...just sayin).

I do however, know a few things about Larry Bernstein. First, he was what most people would consider 'rich'. If he is now, after the recession, couldn't tell you, but I know he was. I can also tell you I was hoping to ride Larry's coattails so to speak, if anyone had the 'money' to keep Gene Conti in 'CHECK' it was Larry, so in my mind, if Larry ever called Gene OUT on his Palo Verde shenanigans, I thought I could ride along in the lawsuit as a 10% owner. *My real estate NAIVETY knew no bounds.

*But now, I believe Gene has Larry right where he wants him- in his back pocket, but Larry's ALWAYS been there whether he knows it or not. Personally, I believe the back pocket skews the VIEW of things, but Larry seems as comfortable there as Gene feels having him there. *Purely speculative on my part.

I didn't like Larry from almost the first time I met him. He's loud and a bit obnoxious, but only because he has MONEY, so people put up with him because he's FUN at a party and ALWAYS picks up the tab. I'm fairly certain he's not 'self made', I think he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and I'll tell you why,

Larry is a closeted gay man with his family, don't know if he still is or not, nor do I care, but the 'gay' thing is one of the reasons I don't care for him, but I'll get to that in a second. In my experience, 'self made' men usually don't give a 'rip' how others may view them, but men who may inherit 'Daddy's money', well, let's just say that's ample motivation for some folks to keep their homosexual practices in the CLOSET. Here's what happened:

When I was finally OUT, I promised myself I would NEVER, EVER deny who I was again- for ANY reason, for ANYONE.... which includes my own family. In my mind, you're either with me or you're NOT. I was made to feel bad about myself for too long, so I swore, NEVER again. Anyway, Larry's family was coming to visit him at Palo Verde Resort and Larry actually had the audacity to 'TELL' me and D'Angelo we had to leave the resort for about a month while his family was there because we were gay (don't remember if he said, "too gay" or just "gay", I believe it was the former) and he didn't want his family making any connection between our gayness and him. I was about 46 at the time, can you imagine? But when you're RICH and usually get what you want, in his mind it was a plausible demand.

Pretty much went WAy downhill from there, although Larry did tell me after D'Angelo and myself left Palo Verde that we should get a lawyer as soon as possible to protect our interests.

In the beginning, Larry stayed and managed Palo Verde fairly regularly. Gone for a few months, then returning and managing the place for a month or so and then leaving again. And he was always GREAT with the staff, buying them lunch or dinner or BOTH, helping out monetarily when he saw fit and would often spend his own money to keep Palo Verde afloat and once even sponsored a Palo Verde employee's soccer team- WAY COOL! But even Larry knew Gene Conti was a TERRIBLE manager in general, but a bad manager of money in particular, but since he was RICH, he didn't really appear bothered by Gene's everyday pinching of the dimes and nickles. But he was also in a bit of denial about Gene and his ways- in Dec. 2005, Gene was going to have a 'shareholders' meeting and ban Larry from Palo Verde, or should I say, he could come to the place but couldn't sleep there (or manage the place)... but that's when Gene thought he had me to watch his 'monetary' back. Hey Larry, don't believe me? Ask him and watch him squirm.

I guess I've just been surprised at just how much Larry has put up with from Gene, I mean he invested in Palo Verde and appeared to want it to be successful, but yet seemed to have gotten more 'hands-off' over the last couple years, and really, pretty much has let Gene do whatever he's wanted. I asked Larry about 3 years ago how long he would put up with Palo Verde not making any money before he would ask Gene to cut the Palo Verde losses and SELL, he said, "One year."

Ummmm,,,,,interesting. Don't forget, I'VE NEVER, EVER seen my 10% of any monthly Palo Verde profits generated from the tourist dollar, so apparently it was NEVER profitable... to me anyway.

I've got TONS of questions for Larry Bernstein..... one of my questions: "HOW MUCH are YOU and GENE getting off the TOP from the SALE of Palo Verde... you know, cause you guys SUNK so much of your own money (with receipts of course) into this 'losing proposition", really, how much are you guys taking before we ALL split the proceeds?" Shouldn't we already know?

I'm sure Larry has his investment secure and maybe even making a little money, not sure. Hell, maybe he's washed his hands of Palo Verde and Costa Rica, you never know.

"Does this recipe really call for skimming off the top?"

I can't help but feel Larry has to be a little disappointed he EVER got in bed with Gene Conti, he really seemed to like the IDEA of having a little place of paradise.....

"Nah...... with folks like Larry Bernstein and Eugene Conti, it's all about the money.......... and the KILL."

"Damn, I can't remember how's it goes...'birds of a feather....' something like that."

*For those of you asking about Nico Pisani, don't worry, of all the people I mention in this blog, I've been the most intimate with HIM. He's almost an entirely different BLOG all together, and the fact Craig Nicholas 'Nico' Pisani owes me more than $20,000.00, well, that's not even the half of it.

**Truthfully, I don't know the relationship status of Eugene Gene Conti and Larry Bernstein. The above is mostly speculation based on MY: experiences w/ Larry and/or Gene, observances, lack of communication, prior conversations... I'm merely connecting the dots in logical fashion. If I'm wrong, it's because I am out of the LOOP, and that begs questions, which I have many.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Palo Verde owner RESPONDS- how timely

Eugene 'Gene' Conti, the principle share holder of what WAS Palo Verde Resort, FINALLY responds to me. After IGNORING me and keeping me out of the LOOP as to the goings-on of Palo Verde the last couple of years or SO, including its recent SALE, Gene Conti, the 'peddler of paradise', shoots me, 'Mr. non-ENTITY', an e-mail.... just last night.

What's your guess as to what he said?

Does he want to sit down for coffee and discuss business in a mature manner? Maybe he wants to pay me, as promised by himself and the other 30% owner of Palo Verde, Larry Bernstein, the $6,394.00 I personally put into the place.. which he promised to give me after Palo Verde SOLD one of it's LOTS in back of the Resort. (I'm thinking 'NO' on this one, since they've already SOLD at least 1 LOT I know of, possibly and probably MORE, and I haven't seen a fuck'n DIME.)

*"A little proof PLEASE", Here's a 'SNIPPET' from another e-mail Gene sent me back in March of '08 when I asked him about giving me the $6,394. owed me. Truthfully, D'Angelo and myself had very little funds when we were first putting together our websites,,, it would have come in VERY handy.

this is an EXACT quote of the 'cut and paste' variety:

"Your money that is owed will come out of the land sale, when that happens, as agreed."

"Yeah right, glad I didn't hold my breath on that one."

Maybe he wants to 'get me up to speed' on what's been going on the last little while with the SALE of Palo Verde Resort to the the 'real estate flipper' and motivational speaker of sorts, Robert 'Bobby' Blair?

Maybe it's a BIG JOKE on 'ME' and Gene's got my CHECK for 6 grand plus the 10% of whatever... and my reaction is going to be secretly videotaped for an episode of Punk'd, and then Gene, Bobby, Larry Bernstein and myself will all have a good laugh over some beers. *Actually, I think they've BEEN laughing.... more like AT me than WITH me no doubt.

Could it be an Email of apology..... Gene's getting old, maybe it's TIME to make amends..... Hey, just sayin.

No, No, NO and NOPE.

Here's the email from Mr. Conti:

"Tortious Interference with Contract or Business Expectancy"

that's it.....all it said..... Wow, so cryptic.

I say, SWEET! Let's all go to court and REALLY open the books on Interference, 'cause the TRUTH will set you FREE..... ...........BITCHES!

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Arenal Bungalows DECEPTIVE Ad on Craigslist

Is Arenal Bungalows in La Fortuna Costa Rica using DECEPTIVE ads to lure Backpackers?

If this ad on Craigslist promoting Arenal Bungalows as the "#1 Ranked Hostel Hotel in the WORLD" (no doubt) wasn't so FUNNY, it would be sad...... very, VERY Sad.

It's this EASY- Arenal Bungalows was the Palo Verde Resort just a couple months ago. They just finished renovating a few short weeks ago and have re-opened under it's NEW name Arenal Bungalows. (I could be wrong by a few days, but I think their GRAND opening party was New Years Eve).

Palo Verde was NEVER a hostel...... EVER. Room rates were anywhere from about $35-$125 a night depending on the room and the season. Hostels are more like $3-$10. a night. So it's not like Arenal Bungalows can hang-on Palo Verde's coattails of being the "#1 Ranked Hostel Hotel in the World" Normally, you need some TIME to establish a #1 Ranking in 'anything', but it appears Arenal Bungalows did it about a week.

So, if Arenal Bungalows JUST opened, how in GOD's name could it be the "#1 Ranked Hostel Hotel in the WORLD?" Sorry, but I'm going to have to ask for a 'name' of the person or organization who did THAT ranking so I could laugh at them too.

There is NO way the owner and 'real estate flipper', Robert 'Bobby' Blair could have signed-off on this ad, he can't be this dumb, this is just TOO laughable. But, he is the owner of Arenal Bungalows and ultimately responsible. I should note, it's possible this ad was randomly placed by someone not associated with Arenal Bungalows, but not probable since MOST ads and correspondence having to do with Arenal Bungalows seems to go to: wonder who that is? If Bobby Blair knows of this ad, he's using deception, if it was placed by an employee or associate of Arenal Bungalows unbeknownst to Mr. Blair, well, I would say at the very least he needs to get his 'house in order'.

"Please, I'm dieing to know Bobby Blair, please tell me you didn't know ANYTHING about this ad."

*I should say, the ad is enticing without the stupid claim of being #1, the rooms are DEFINITELY worth it...... only problem,,,,the backpackers and people traveling on a budget don't normally like to be a $6.-$7. cab ride (one way) from the center of La Fortuna, especially when there's about 20 hostels and cheap places to stay IN TOWN..... just sayin.

Oh, and if Bobby Blair, associates/employees or friends of Arenal Bungalows can PROVE they didn't place this ad on Craigslist, I will apologize and write a complete retraction- fair is fair.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Should I Watch my Back?

Truthfully, I don't know what Robert 'Bobby' Blair and Eugene 'Gene' Conti of Arenal Bungalows and Palo Verde Resort are capable of, if anything, but I'd be lying if I told you I haven't thought about it very CAREFULLY.

Even if I hadn't thought of it, the e-mails I receive would definitely remind me of the precarious position I have put myself into:

"Hang in there my friend. Time always has a way of sorting out the truth, just be careful and watch your back. Maybe ten percent isn't worth dying for? I hope it isn't like that there. So is Bobby Blair and...."

and another example:

"I wish the principle guy in this would give you the respect of a sit down for coffee to discuss this like business professionals because this is having a very unhealthy effect on you. Brother I have been in your shoes, been ignored, disrespected, and even my partner and my lives were threatened."

Obviously it's not FAIR to assume anything and REALLY, I don't mean to suggest any attempt at 'foul play' by the likes of anyone I've mentioned in this blog. I would love to think we could settle our differences 'sitting down for coffee' as the second email suggests, but when you've basically been IGNORED for a couple years, it just doesn't seem to be going in that direction. I can't HELP think certain THINGS.... just sayin.

I'm sure if you asked Gene Conti or Larry Bernstein how it ALL went wrong with me, they'd probably liken me to a 'disgruntled employee' or somebody MAD that things didn't go MY way.... not sure, I'm speculating here.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I'm not even mad, I moved ON and took RESPONSIBILITY for getting involved in land deals and business partnerships without doing the appropriate 'homework' which is demanded when making a move such as the one D'Angelo and myself made in the first place.

The fact I moved on has actually been another BIG mistake made by me. Eugene Conti took advantage (because I let him) of my hands-off attitude and basically conducted Palo Verde business without even so much as an email to the goings-on of the place. So, over the last couple years, I've become a non-entity so to speak.

So, for me, the reason for this blog is more for justice than any type of REVENGE or 'get back' behavior... but as to the possible consequences of me writing this blog..... that's anybody's guess.

Sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do.... and what happens, HAPPENS.

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