Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How you sleepin' Gene Conti?

Does Eugene Gene Conti, primary owner of Palo Verde Resort in La Fortuna, Costa Rica sleep at night?

I'm betting he does but I didn't always believe that.

Eugene Gene Conti, principle owner of Palo Verde Resort in La Fortuna Costa Rica owes me money as well as a few answers. Gene Conti knows this. So, tell me, how does he sleep at night? Really, I want to know... and drugs don't count.

Like I mentioned, I used to naively believe that 'bad' people had a hard time sleeping for the simple reason that when they're lying on their pillow at night and its R-E-A-L quiet and the brain is working overtime reflecting on one's 'life', you know deep-down in your soul who you really are as a person no matter how hard you try to pretend otherwise. This is the time when it's extremely difficult to lie to yourself.

But if Gene Conti takes sleeping pills or Valium (not saying he does or doesn't, just sayin) this self-reflection time wouldn't happen for obvious reasons. Which is likely the reason most people take pills in the first place, to escape themselves for a time. But I understand, sometimes honesty is too hard to take, especially when it pertains to the REAL YOU. But I digress.

I still partially believe the above but now I have a better understanding that anyone can rationalize their own behavior no matter how fucked up it is. Whether it's beating the cat, cheating on a spouse, lying, stealing, ANYTHING no matter how bad, can be rationalized in order to give the responsibility for your actions to someone else. "If only the cat wouldn't pee on the bed",,, "If my wife wouldn't nag so much",,, "It will only hurt her if I tell her the truth",,,"He's got lots of money, he won't miss this $20.", doesn't matter, even Hitler thought he was doing the right thing.

I'm sure if you asked this fuck, he would be able to rationalize this animal cruelty:

The guy in this VIDEO is NOT Gene Conti of Palo Verde Resort in La Fortuna Costa Rica.

I think it would go something like this:

"Gene Conti, why have you not paid Mike Skofield the money you owe him?"

"Mike Skofield started a blog about me and it's hindered the potential SALE of Palo Verde Resort, so really, Mike Skofield owes me."

This is merely an example, I'm sure if you asked Gene Conti he would have a list of reasons why he hasn't made good on his promises and contracts, all of which would be BULLSHIT, but in his mind, legitimate rationales for treating me the way he has while still feeling good about his own deceit.

btw-in the above example, Gene Conti had already made it blatantly obvious that he was keeping me out of the 'Palo Verde Resort is FOR SALE' loop. I felt this blog was my only recourse in order to get my story out. And even if no one reads it, it still makes me feel better putting it down on paper.

I've also learned in the world of real estate in Costa Rica that many people like Gene Conti and Larry Bernstein (Larry Bernstein is the other share holder of Palo Verde Resort in La Fortuna) can justify their actions because to them, it's NOT deceit or deception, it's BUSINESS- rendering it a game you either WIN or LOSE. But not just a game, more like a WAR game, where there are no rules, thus justifying the 'anything goes' mentality and ZERO moral accountability because it's not personal, it's business. In Gene Conti's case, he used our supposed friendship to mask the fact he merely wanted my money, so in his mind he just played a better game to get what he wanted. And in hindsight, obviously he did since I never knew we were playing a game in the first place. He also knows I can't afford a lawyer at this time, so why on EARTH would he just do the right thing... to him, that would be a stupid business move. CHECKMATE.

Gene Conti sleeps fine. But I'd be willing to bet my 10% of Palo Verde Resort that he has help doing it because otherwise,the honesty of who he truly is as a human being would be too much to handle.

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