Thursday, September 30, 2010

Palo Verde Resort - EXPLAIN Yourself - PLEASE

Palo Verde Resort in La Fortuna Costa Rica owes me $6,394.00.

This is an open letter to Palo Verde Resorts principle owners, Eugene 'Gene' Conti and Larry Bernstein.

I used my own money $3,394.00, (I have the receipts) for repairs, maintenance, new curtains and what not for the betterment of the resort + the $3,000.00 Palo Verde Resort owes to D'Angelo Valentin for services rendered, which if you remember, was agreed on by ALL partners. I was (am) part owner and was happy to help out as I expected GREAT things from my investment. At the time, I cared about Palo Verde Resort. Now, I no longer do, but that's beside the point.

My question is, since Palo Verde Resort, aka Eugene Gene Conti and Larry Bernstein, reneged on its initial promise to pay me in FULL when Palo Verde sold some land it had (when was that, like 2 years ago), when will I see my money?

I would be interested to hear your rationalization of why you haven't or don't think you have to pay me. Feel free to respond in the comment section of this post I will gladly print your response unedited.

I know you read this blog. Don't forget, 'SILENCE is acceptance'.

And to the potential buyer of Palo Verde Resort, make your first check out to: Mike Skofield for $6,394.00 it would be SO appreciated.

Oh SH**, almost forgot, same question to Craig Nico Pisani, except add approximately $13,000.00

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