Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Bank OWNS Palo Verde.... i hope.

Palo Verde Resort in La Fortuna is now FORECLOSED and owned by the bank.

Yup, a source says the bank now owns Palo Verde Resort.

Technically, I don't know if this is 100% true but it sounds like it most likely is, my source is pretty knowledgeable about the goings on of Palo Verde Resort and its principle share holder, Eugene, 'Gene' Conti. But you never really know why someone tells you something.

Obviously this would be a wet dream of mine if it's indeed true. I was NEVER going to see a dime from the SALE of Palo Verde and now if Gene Conti doesn't see a dime either, and likewise, the 'money man' and 30% owner, Larry Bernstein, I would be overjoyed. As a matter of fact, I hope they lost their ass, but I know Gene Conti, he's somewhat of a sneaky, manipulative, snake-in-the-grass in my opinion, and I'm sure he's made out over the last few years to cover his ass- I said he's sneaky, not stupid. In a similar vain, I would like to see Larry Bernstein just to tell him, "I told you so". And of course, a 'fuck you' to famous Florida real estate flipper, Robert 'Bobby' Blair who didn't have the decency to get in contact with me when he 'leased' Palo Verde for a time and knew I was part owner. But I got to give it to Bobby Blair, he was smart enough to cut and run when he saw things going south.

Normally, I'm not into dwelling on the past as it relates to anger and revenge, but when you don't have the money to 'fight' legally, this blog has been my only recourse, or 'revenge' so to speak. After all, I had to do SOMETHING, it's a crummy feeling being tossed to the side and not being able to do anything about it. I would feel somewhat vindicated if Palo Verde was now owned by the bank but I'd feel doubly good if this blog ever had someone second guessing whether they should get in bed with Gene Conti and his money-pit of a resort.

Anyway, I think it's accurate information but I will find out for sure and let you know.. and if I've spoken prematurely, I'll apologize. I did drive by Palo Verde this past week and for some reason they're ripping out all the 'lush' vegetation and it's now looking like a mini-ghost town. I'm thinking a bulldozer might be next. We'll see.

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