Friday, March 30, 2012

$245,000 but you Gotta Throw in a BULLDOZER

Palo Verde Resort in La Fortuna was once appraised at $1.4 million dollars according to the owner, Eugene 'Gene' Conti. Now, it's listed on Craigslist as a 'FIRE SALE' for $375,000. BUMMER!

In my last post just a few days ago, I didn't know about the Craigslist ad. It appears from the ad that Palo Verde and Gene Conti were asking $700,000 but now are having a FIRE SALE for $375,000 and offering 80% financing. Apparently, Karma just won't leave Gene Conti alone. Of course they don't really help themselves when they post pics that don't exist, like this one of the bar/party area.

This bar, which back in the day, hosted some kick-ass GAY parties, no longer exists and is now a cement slab. Why it is posted in the realtor's Palo Verde photo gallery is beyond me.

And then there's the Palo Verde pool (below). As this pic illustrates, looks pretty inviting don't you think, but don't dive in, you'll break your neck as it's really an oversized wading pool. I'm certain whoever purchases Palo Verde will undoubtedly have to 'fill in' the pool. It's pretty useless with the exception of looking good in a photo. Don't believe me? Go, check it out for yourself.

Nice pic of the pool, too bad you can't actually swim in it.

Palo Verde has turned into an Amityville Horror of sorts- so much baggage, it's like, why would you bother- but then again, some people like horror flicks.

My prediction is this: Whoever purchases Palo Verde will do so for the land and wind up bulldozing anyway, so my FINAL offer would be no more $245,000, I think Karma would be okay with that.

Hey Gene Conti, maybe if you try Ebay, seriously.

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